Fabulising February - Fleece Jacket Remake

Hi all,
It sure is a busy month! But I'm making good progress on my mending pile so things are looking up :) Today's finished Fabulising February project is technically a piece made from scratch. It still belongs in the mending pile though as it took a LONG time to get it the way it is (finally!). Let me start at the beginning. 

Do you remember this fleece jacket?

If you don't, I don't blame you. This picture was from Christmas 2010! LOL. I bought this jacket at a rock festival in Germany many years ago. The zipper was broken so it was only a fiver and I absolutely loved it. After said many years of wearing it, it was literally falling apart. The seams were tearing and the fleece just looked awful. Having successfully recreated my fleece bathrobe without a pattern just by cutting up the original and copying the pieces onto new fleece, I wanted to try it with this jacket too.

So I bought purple fleece (at a craft show in 2011!) and still had some black left. I needed three shades so actually had two shades of purple. I cut the original jacket apart and copied all the pieces. That's when the problems started. There were so many pieces that I couldnt tell what went where anymore... PLUS I cut some pieces on the bias making the whole thing crooked, and I didnt have a zipper in the right colour. So on the pile it went.

Well, not anymore! I have taken it out and I have finally finished it! It has taken a few days, but it's done at last. Technically, it's still crooked and doesnt havent a zipper, but it still looks like the original :)

This is it! This is also the biggest 'duh' moment I've had in a LONG time... Once I had finally sorted out the pieces and sewed the two front pieces together, I realised that it was stripey!! Yes for real... I can't believe I was that silly! It really didn't click at all when I was making it. I could have saved myself so much trouble... But at least the hood is centered and they sort of look like stripes now :)

Angle view, you can see the buttons better on here. I still didn't have a zipper, but since I started this I had bought some plain buttons in various shades of purple so I used those alternately. Looks rather cute actually I think!

LOVE the hood, actually the best part of the whole jacket I think!

Don't look too closely, like I said it is still crooked. I used up ALL the fleece I had for this and had to make a few adjustments. So it doesn't fit 100% and still pulls to one side, but it's done! And I can always use it as a base for the next copy :) Plus having this finished made my bag looks a LOT smaller as this took up quite some space. I'm thinking of wearing it to work to keep warm when the aircon is on again :)

Yes, despite all the flaws, still really proud that I finally finished :) And absolutely love the buttons, much better than a boring zipper. It may have taken about two years, but it's done! Yay!


  1. Well I think your new jacket looks GREAT! Love the colours -and the hood is fab! Well done on completing it!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Your jacket came out great. I love the colors!

  3. Wow! I totally think it's fabulous. It turned out just great. I hope i can do the same, alter and make a fabulous new clothing or jacket from the old one, well, i am not as crafty as you. That one is really beautiful!

    - ClothingCarnival.com


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