Happy Valentine's Day 2013!

Hello again everyone and Happy Valentine's Day!
I loved my dinner from last year so much, I wanted to have another one like it with heart shaped food. Only downside this year: work is manic at the moment and time is scarce. I just want to sleep right now! Luckily, a lot of you lovely people have posting excellent and easy ideas for a quick and simple yet lovely Valentine dinner. :)

I used the votive holders I made last year of course. I ran out of tea lights but these small candles work as well, I also have them in red so even more Valentiney!
For a starter I did the same as last year and created heart-shaped caviar (the cheap version!) on blinis. The bf brought some pirate balloons to cancel out all the sweetness of the hearts. LOL fantastic!

For the main course, I found this great idea via Pinterest: heart-shaped carrots!

To go with the carrots, another idea via Pinterest: heart-shaped hamburgers! So cute! I just bought quarter-pounders and shaped them with cookie cutters

This is the end result. I made rice with it as I actually forgot to buy potatoes for the heart-shaped mash, but this works as well. It was simple but very yummy :)

 For dessert I made a red velvet cake (with Betty Crocker, they finally sell that here!) I also found the Betty Crocker cream cheese icing so it was simple and effective. I found some heart-shaped sugar decorations at Sainsburys so I used those all over. I love it!

And it looks amazing and tastes even better! It's a total calorie bomb but it's only Valentine once ;)

I hope you had a lovely Valentine's too! Tomorrow it's Friday at last so hopefully I will be able to do some more crafting :)


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