Lindt Egg Hunt - The Eggs Are Back!

Hi everyone!
Good news, the eggs are back :) Remember last year's egg hunt? Well, I had a lot more time back then and spent a lot of afternoons hunting the fantastic works of art in egg shape. This time, they were only in London for six days instead of a month so I had to be quick. They're going on tour throughout the UK and they will be back but who knows what I'll be up to by then so better safe than sorry! As I also had to work, I had only this weekend to hunt them all down, there were 101 eggs to find this year. Lucky for me, they were all centralised in one location, they were all in Covent Garden. Some were in plain view, others were hidden away. The last one was quite hard to find, but I got them all except the moving egg that is being moved every day and clues are posted on Facebook. But the weather was really nice (at last!) and I actually went outside (though less time for projects). Curious yet about this year's eggs? Here is a selection of the best ones (according to me):

Dora the Explorer egg. At first I was not a fan, until I saw the back. It even had the little backpack! Too cute :)

As this year's hunt was sponsored by Lindt, there was a giant Lindt egg too :) Coincidentally, 'Eggsperts' were handing out chocolate Lindt eggs. Don't mind if I do!

And an Easter Bunny too!

I love this one, very steampunk

This one had a blue bow-tie on the other side. It made me smile :)

The paintings on this egg were just gorgeous

It was so busy! Tons of kids but also adults bought the special booklet with all the eggs in it and you could actually tick off the ones you had found. 

Magical egg this one.

Umbrella egg, I love it! Plus it was inside a shoe shop with lots of mirrors, great location :)

While looking for the eggs in Floral Street, I saw these balloon light bulbs, they're so cute!

Very cute egg

Thomas the Tank Engine egg!

I just love this shot more than the egg really, although the egg is also great, very hippy like. Eggcellent dude...

I would actually buy something like this if I'd have the money for it. This egg looked fantastic IRL

But THIS is by far my favourite. I have about 20 pictures of this I think. It is a white egg with drops of melted ice cream on it, and on top lots of ice creams. It is just amazing, am totally in love with this egg. And the picture too actually, love this shot :) *proud* Yes, that is why I put my watermark kind of in the middle, just go with it.

After about 3 hours, I had found them all. The last egg took me about half an hour to find so could have been done sooner. I had to pose with this giant Lindt Bunny statue to show you all my stamp showing that I have completed the hunt. Yay!

These are all 101 eggs (including Humpty Dumpty but excluding Eggbert). Click on the picture to get a better look!

It was great having another egg hunt in London, a big thank you to all the organisers!

UPDATE 17/02/2013:
I actually went back today to find the moving egg (Eggbert) but I looked and looked and found nothing. Oh well, maybe next month when they come back to London. But it was a great hunt yet again!


  1. So many fabulous eggs! That ice-cream one is brilliant! Fun thing to do, I wish we had that here in Cairns!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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