Fabulising February - Knit Dress

Heyhey my lovely readers!
Are you excited about my next project? I am, it's all going quite well so far! My next project in Fabulising February is a knit dress that I bought in the charity shop sale about £1 or £2 a little while ago. This is the one:

Please don't ask me what era this is from, the print screams 70s to me but the size and the style more 80s I guess. It was huge and the guy in the store wanted to sell it to me as a dress (so more expensive) but it's clearly a very large sweater. Nevermind that I was going to turn it into a dress as I'm only a tiny little person ;)

I LOVE this print though, it's a bit psychedelic so this sweater definitely has potential. Of course the first thing I did was cut off that ridiculous collar. It just made the whole thing look out of balance so it had to go. This is knitwear, but I just cut it and hemmed it and it was fine. It did leave behind a ton of fluff, but I shook it out outside and most of it came off. 

I'm sure that at this point you realise I'm horrible for taking photos mid-project. I'm always so into the project that I never remember to stop and take any! The next thing to come off were the sleeves. I wanted this to look very 70s and sleeves just didn't look right for that. Again the same thing: cut, hem, shake, done.

And taadaa, isn't this the cutest little dress? The straps are quite the same, the strips are just not lined correctly so it looks like on is much further away than the other. I love this dress, it came out exactly the way I wanted :)

Originally, I had planned to add some black wool fabric on the bottom as it was a bit short, but because this dress is so very stretchy, my 10cm fabric strip nearly came to my ankles so that didn't work out at all. Instead, I wore it with a black velvet mini dress underneath which worked out quite well.

Here it is on its first outing! It's a bit cold here still so I needed long sleeves but I just wore a black long-sleeve top underneath to solve that problem. When it gets warmer I can leave that bit out. It's not the best picture, but it was at the end of sewing group and I was just too eager to show it off to you guys to spend longer posing LOL.

Another day, another project done!


  1. waw!!!! wat een geslaagde transformatie !

  2. Oh wow, that's fantastic! newest gfc follower I love your stuff, thank you for visiting me

  3. Wow! I love this dress! What you've done is just amazing :) I found you via a round tuit and now I'm your newest follower. Elisabeth x

  4. That is madly cute! Can't believe that weird sweater turned out so pretty.


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