Fabulising February - Blue Top #2

Remember how yesterday I told you how I had three of those blue flowy tops? Well, I wore one on a skirt I had amended and it looked really nice. Having some spare parts of the dress-turned-skirt, I decided to make the top a perfect match for the skirt. Let me remind you of the dress turned skirt, you might remember:

This was the dress I got for £1 a long long time ago...

And it turned it into this. So far so good!

Then, the blue top as discussed (the same as yesterday)

With some fabric scraps of the dress-to-skirt project, I added the straps of the dress to the neckline, and some of the sleeve fabric to the existing pocket on the front.

Put the two together and you get this awesome result!

I'm going to be wearing this a lot in summer! It looks really nice together I think :) The draping didn't quite work on the doll as all this is stretchy, but I just know it will be great in person. Another one bites the dust!


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