Italian Chef Apron

Heyhey everyone, I'm back!!
Yes, I have so many cool projects to blog about, it's crazy! Plus I've finally taken the pics so now is my chance to show you my new Italian Chef Apron. I found this cute fabric at Joann's and just knew that it was to become a new apron. Yet another one... Remember the polka dot fabric from yesterday's post about the backpack strap? There is a reason I'm using that for small projects like this. I bought it very cheap but when I washed it, a lot of the black washed out so it's not suitable for quilting projects etc anymore. But no matter, I can use it in plenty of other things I'm making, such as this apron.

This apron has 3 layers of fabric, as opposed to the usual 2 layers. I always try to add pockets to my aprons but they're somehow always too small. I wanted an apron with one huge pocket this time. So I had a layer of lining, a layer of apron, and in the middle I added another layer on the bottom half that would serve as the lining for the front to make the pocket. Does this make sense? It's a little tricky to explain...

This the finished apron. Do you see how to front is just one part with the pockets on the side?

I cut out a semi circle on each side of the apron and backed it with the polka dots. I then sewed this together by the waist band and the ruffles, creating one giant pocket.

 This is so handy! I never have enough space to carry the cutlery or put the recipe or something, and now I do!

The lining is also made out of the polka dot fabric. See how it's a little grey now? It's not the flash, it just washed out. Oh well, it works great like this :) And since I had so much of it, it really works with the lining of the apron and the lining of the pocket.

I also used the fancy stitch option on my new machine to add some detail to the straps of the apron. The polka dots were quite big so they kind of got lost in the straps, giving me plenty of room for a lovely decorative stitch.

I used the same stitch on the waistband. You can also see the topstitching there as I had to 'seal' the pocket lining as well.

And here it is! I just love it :) This fabric is just so cute! I also seem to have a thing for aprons with ruffles at the moment, it just makes the apron so much cuter I think ;)

I have about 3 more apron projects but they're on hold for the time being. Let's use this one first. Bon Appetito!


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