Wizard of Oz Zippered Pouch

Hi everyone!
I told you I had a lot of projects to share! Honestly, I LOVE my new machine. Putting in zippers has never been that easy! A little while ago, I'd cut some of the Wizard of Oz fabric to make a toiletry bag. After many failed attempts at a successful toiletry bag, I didn't want to ruin this lovely fabric. Plus the idea of actually using up my stash for pretty much anything really helped! I may not have told you this yet actually. Let me elaborate: when I see fabric I like, I buy it usually with a project in mind. I then keep said fabric until I have time to make said project. This has now resulted in an ever-growing stash and hardly any projects for lack of time or interest (or possibly not longer necessary). Case in point: I have this wonderful sewing themed fabric which I was going to use to make a sewing machine cover. My new machine comes with a solid plastic cover. Oops... so now I have this lovely fabric and no more projects! And one can really only so many bags ;) So in short: when I have a project in mind, I now check my stash and use what I like rather than thinking 'I was saving this for.... '. Where am I going with all this? Basically just to say that I didn't want to use a boring plain cream coloured polycotton for the lining of my lovely little bag. I'd already cut the outside fabric so I just cut some of this lovely turquoise/purple for the lining, added a blue zipper and off I went! Yes, I found a stall here with some really cool coloured zippers for only £1 each. The smaller ones are probably cheaper but I always buy zippers that are too short. Now I buy them too long and cut off the rest. Works so much better!

It's really plain and really simple but oh so handy!

I use it to transport small projects to work or onto the train. At least that way they get done :) 

This is the inside lining. I love how it matches, and the purply/pink on the outside even matches the inside! I bought this in a combo of turquoise/purple/turquoise+purple but this works too.

Hopefully soon I'll be able to show what I've been carrying around in this. It's still a surprise but I have a deadline so I'll be able to post about it soon (I hope). I have another one like this to make with Star Wars, maybe this weekend, who knows! Thanx Nancy for the Wizard of Oz fabric!! :)

UPDATE: I just realised that I wrote Us instead of Oz in the title so if the link looks a bit funny, just ignore it ;) 


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