Visit to Harry Potter at WB Studios

Hi everyone!
The sewing is still going on, but I also wanted to post about some of the trips we've made over the past few weeks. After all, one can't be inside all the time! And sadly I cannot bring my sewing machine outside, so we just have to visit some really cool places. :) Yes, silver linings and all that...

A few weeks back, I had taken the day of for something or other which then spectacularly got cancelled. Woops! What do do with a whole day of during the week and nowhere to go? Buy tickets for Harry Potter! It wasn't a bank holiday anywhere in Europe (which is great because this place floods with people very easily on those days) so off we went. I have to admit, the prices are very high (entry for one adult is GBP 30!), getting there is a bit of a disaster (the bus fills up easily and there is no queuing system), but once you're there it's is so amazing and totally worth it! 

You can take pictures everywhere, see real life sets, props, and most important of all: costumes! I was in heaven :) I took about 200 pics which of course I'm not all going to share here, so I made a collage of some of the best ones. So in the end I only have 5 pics to post. I just love Picasa for that sometimes ;) Yes, as you can see I am positively thrilled that we went here. I loved the books, the movies were good as well (for both some were better than others) and since it's near London I just had to see this. So let me share some pics with you:

Costumes, costumes, and more costumes!

Various sets, some pics even have me in them! The pic on the top right shows the scaled model of Hogwarts they used to make all the 'flight' sequences. And yes, I saw the Knight Bus! Purple is definitely the best possible colour for a bus :)

Prop department, Weasley products, wands, and moving creatures

More sets (none with me in it LOL), I just love Umbridge's office here, way less creepy than in the movies!

Near the end you can walk through Diagon Alley. Of course I had to take this pic with the sewing shop :)

Really, if you're a fan and in the area (or even if you're not a fan), it's well worth a visit. Just try to make sure not to go on a bank holiday, or at a time when there are likely to be lots of school trips. Eat beforehand as there is nothing to eat around, and try the butterbeer when you reach the halfway point. Your teeth will feel like falling out it's so sweet but it's so yummy! And mostly: bring a full battery in your camera. Mine actually died at the end that is how many pics I've taken there. The shop at the end is also quite good, I found a shirt that was just too cute. Sadly I dont have a piccie with it yet, but I'll get one taken soon. It has a pixie on it, just too cute! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe I've inspired you to visit as well? If you're too far away, then at least you got to see what all the fuss is about ;) A walk through Diagon Alley never goes amiss really. Magic regards from London!


  1. What a fun day! I am also a blogger who writes about my travels and adventures...would love it if you would stop by for a visit!
    Allure of the seas, the biggest cruise ship in the world!
    Found you at Natasha in oz blog party :)


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