Wet Bag #2 (the mermaid one)

Hi everyone,
Oh my, this new machine sews like a dream! I spent a whole day on it and I got so much done! The only unpicking I had to do was because I did something wrong myself, not because the machine messed up. I am so happy :) I made so many different things that I do have to share them separately, and the first thing I need to tell you about it my new wet bag. Remember the last one? Cute but no cigar. This one however, too cute!

Isn't this fabric the cutest? I got it at one of the fairs and just knew this was going to be my new wet bag.

There were so many mermaids on this FQ that I had to carefully select where I wanted to cut and which ones were my favourites. I think I got all the ones I liked best in 

For the inside I chose a pinkish polka dot fabric and a bright pink zip. Coloured zips are great!

I know, it's not all perfect. I tried using the shower curtain as suggested in the original tutorial and maybe it's because a cheapo shower curtain but it was a disaster. So what I've done is iron two layers of shower curtain in between the fabric and the lining to make it waterproof. This worked really well on a small test bit, not to much on the larger project, hence the bubbles in the fabric. Am a tad disappointed with that but let's just say the sea bubbles too so it's meant to be ;) Hey sometimes you need an active imagination! LOL. Obviously I couldn't put the zipper in between the two fabrics since they were ironed together so I just put it in normally. The side in the picture shows a tiny bit of fabric coming through which the other side doesn't have. Putting in the zipper was a breeze compared to before with my old machine. No unpicking, my wobbly lines... I love it! The bag needs to be tested of course so hopefully soon I can find a nice pool to go to. Maybe we need some nice weather first though. So except for the fact that's it's bubbling a bit because the ironing thing didn't really work out, I'm quite pleased with this. Anyway, I don't have enough of this fabric to make a new one so it will have to do. More projects on the way soon!


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