Orange Feather Boa Replacement

Hi everyone!
It's the World Cup again so the Orange Feeling is slowly creeping through my veins again. Last night was our first match and we sure kicked ass! It was great :) I actually skipped yoga (bad me), went to the pub and even had a few drinks! This is quite rare for me nowadays, I must be getting old. 

But before all this happened, I had to find another solution for my feather boa. I usually wear a bright orange feather boa to the pub fr a Dutch match, but the boa has been slowly disintegrating over the last few years and I leave a trail of feathers everywhere I go. You may recall this picture from two years ago when I made the hat? Yes the feather boa is visible there too:

Replacing is wasn't even in the stars but during the annual fabric shopping with my sewing group, I came across this beauty:

These are the purchases of the day, lots of bargains including that bit of orange fur. I was a remnant and not even straight and the shop wanted £1 for it. As I also found a purple one of these, I managed to haggle him down to £1 for both, which means I now have a new orange contraption for only 50p!

The piece wasn't straight but I just used a blanket stitch to make a long tube and closed the ends. You can see that the side are uneven but only if you really look closely. And in the pub no one really does anyway... 

And I can always have one end up like so...

And it's much more comfortable and less prickly then the feather boa! Honestly, this is the way to go in terms of supporter neckwear :) I love it! And we won as well which is just icing on the cake. By the way, did you notice that even my drink is orange? Not intentional, but had some Pimms and just matched perfectly!

The next orange match is really early so I don't even know if I can leave the office on time but let's see what happens next week. I'm a little disorganised with all the events going on at the moment. Until then there will be some more posts am sure, I think My Busy Craft Life is actually getting crafty again! :D


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