Running - Color Run London 2014

Hi everyone!
Today was the day of the Color Run! Yes, US spelling as it seems to be an American event but it's sure gained a lot of supporters on this side of the pond :) First thing this morning I did some sewing, then had a yoga class, meaning by the time I had to leave for the run and I was tired and cranky. Not the best prep at all... But it was great fun :) I didn't take a lot pics along the route as due to my very bad organisation today I was running low on battery. The ones I got are great though so have a look:

Arrived at last! Yes all in white to be the perfect canvas for lots of colour!

A little later than scheduled, tons of people were already there

Luckily the weather held up and the sun came out even! Excited to see the start line so I must have been closer then I thought?

 The Start kept collapsing which was funny...

Yeah that's what I thought... that wasn't the start! That was the queue to the start. Live in London, live to queue I always say, but about 500 meters later we were finally there and off we went!

This the part where I have no pics due to the battery issue, Shame really but probably better for my camera ;)

And after 4.6km (I think the rest was spent queuing), I made it! I crossed the finish line!!

Still relatively clean as pointed out by my friend, had to do a yoga pose for my teacher ;)

 Oh wait, there is a bit! The blue section really caught me right in the face!

 Every runner got a baggie containing coloured powder so throw on each other. Somehow the group I was with got hold of many more and had a bit of a powder fest...

So very soon we were covered in pink, orange, blue, and purple dust.

Yes even me. A little more coloured than before ;) The tutu was great because it was so big it stopped a lot of colour from getting to me and when it did it was easy to shake it off.

It still got its fair share though! Maybe we should see this again though:

 Tiny difference between Before and After ;)

Once we had used up all our powder, I went back home to have some lovely dinner prepared by the bf:

French Galettes! Very yummy and great for after a big event like this.

It was great fun, I just wish I'd have been better prepared and in a bit of a better shape. But now I know what I need to improve for my next race, 10K!


  1. Oh Congrats on the run - those color runs look like so much fun! I did a triathlon up here yesterday - so it was definitely an active day around the world!! :)


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