Quick Backpack Strap

Hello again!
Sometimes, you just need to have a quick and small project. And now with my shiny new sewing machine these are now a breeze :) I have this army style backpack that just needs a new strap every couple of years. I usually buy a cheapo scarf or something for it, but why not just quickly make a strap for it? I still had this polka dot fabric that had the perfect weave for it. Wait until I show you what my strap ended up that I was using before:

Because really, who can use this as a strap? This was the scarf I used before, it's pretty much gone really.

So I cut a long strap of polka dot fabric, sewed it into a tube with pointy ends, closed the ends and threaded it through the holes. Perfect strap for my lovely bag which is now as good as new.

I love quick projects like these sometimes!


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