Running - Inaugural Amba City Mile

Hi all,
The weekend before last I ran the Amba City Mile. Having just recovered from a knee injury after 2 months of physio, this race was perfect for me. And boy am I out of shape... It was only a mile (1.6K) but still, after being out of the running (pun intended) for that long it was tricky. Means I just have to try harder for the 10K soon!

Early-ish on Sunday morning near St Paul...

I was waiting for my wave to start. I had indicated to run it in about 10 mins (didn't want to injure myself again after all) so I was in the last wave, the 'general admission' as they called it. Not sure if I should be offended? LOL

Getting ready at the start line... and no head phone allowed! I was gutted! Music really helps my rhythm but alas I had to do without.

In the end I managed to finish in 8.56 min which isn't bad as it's about 5.15 kpm on average. And it's under the estimated 10 mins! And I even got a medal. I like races where I get a medal :) Yes, sometimes I am 5...

But it was a very cool medal!

After my wave came the family wave and the group wave and all that, and at about 11.30am came the pros. The elite men's first place result about just over 4 mins. 4 mins!! Wow.

As it happens, the run took place just outside my favourite ever cupcake place so of course I got myself a little treat. Then I walked 4K to the park to meet some people from my sewing group which I sadly didn't find but I went home instead and had my lovely cupcakes. Nothing wrong with that!

So now I really have to get in shape for the 10K... Fingers crossed! This will be a tough one...


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