Warhammer Games Day Yoga Top

Hi all,
Yes, finally I can blog about my shiny new yoga top :) A little while ago, there was a sample sale near my office and I bought this fantastic top there which I now use for yoga. It is so comfy! So needless to say I needed some more. Well, I found a tshirt from the bf in my upcycling box so I thought I'd give it a try.

So this tshirt from Games Day 2011 had to be turned into... 

...this wonderful top from the sample sale. It is the only pic I have of me wearing it actually. It was taken on holidays in LA (yes that is the space shuttle from the TBBT!), I really must blog about that one day too really.

But back to my sewing project. I also had some tshirt material leftover from various upcycling project such as the Labyrinth Top so plenty of material to use in case I needed it. And boy did I need it! The original top has edging along all the seams which I to recreate and there just wasnt enough Warhammer shirt material for this. So despite this saying 'blue and green should not be seen unless there's something in between', I used the olive green on the navy blue and I think it really works! It helps that the print has multiple colours in it too...  Curious yet? Just remember, it's not supposed to look wonderful ;)

The shirt has been washed quite a few times and somehow the print was not at all centered anymore. But it looks kind of cool I think.
The back has this mono strap, so the whole strap bit is made of the green fabric. The sides of the blue shirt were cut in the round and then the green fabric was added just like in the original. Well, maybe not JUST like the original but close enough.

And this is me trying out the yoga top. It is so comfy! See how the print is off-center? For me it works though... I had to blur out some of the picture as another project is visible here and it's causing me some issues so let's see how that evolves.

This top took way longer than planned due to all the edging. When it was finally done, I had an idea of how motherhood would be. You work hard on something with blood, sweat, and tears, and no matter the outcome, to you it is the most beautiful thing on the planet regardless of what anyone else thinks. Obviously, I don't have children so don't take offense to this comment, it's just something I thought about when it was done at long last. And yes I did have to look at it a few times, but now I absolutely love it and wear it with pride. :) Plus how many others can say they have a Games Day yoga top? Namaste everyone!


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