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Hi everyone!
You know how when you bake a cake/muffin/cupcake, and it came out really well so you want to blog about it? Happens to me all the time. Ok, maybe not the turning out amazing part but the wanting to blog about it. So the photos are in my list for forever and somehow I never get around to it. Well, as you all have seen the recipes come by on this blog already anyway (my colleagues know what they like so I end up making the same cakes a lot), here are some pics of various cakes and bakes that I just haven't had the chance to share before. If you're hungry or even peckish, you might want to grab a carrot now... 

Apple and caramel cupcakes I made a while back, this was a new mix by Sainsburys so I had to try. They were amazing, complete with buttercream and caramel chunks. Of course I had to use my own cupcake liners, green for apple!

Second attempt at Mary Berry's apple pie. This picture came out much better than the first one I made ;)

Standard banana chocolate kugelhupf, always a winner 

This is a new one and the recipe has not yet been shared. It's peanut butter cake and no-flour peanut butter cookies. I'd bought chunky peanut butter by mistake and really didn't like it. So I baked lots with it!

I really need to post some more recipes, with all the yoga we haven't cooked for a while. At least nothing blogworthy. But maybe again soon? Until then, I hope these cakes & bakes have inspired you a bit. Ready, set, bake?!


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