Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition

Hi everyone!
I had a lovely weekend :) I did actually make something, but I haven't taken photos yet and I really wanted to share this wonderful inspiration with you. As it happened, Jean Paul Gaultier had an exhibition in London, and I didn't even know about it! There are so many things going on in London that I find it nearly impossible to keep up with everything. But once I had seen some pics on Facebook, I knew I just had to visit. I mean, it's Gaultier! And you could take photos and everything! As usual, life got in the way, and for the bank holiday weekend I had two choices: either visit in the morning before we would head off to the medieval festival, or miss it completely. Yes that is how late I was! I got up extra early and was at the door when it opened. I only had 2 hours so had to rush a bit but it was extremely worth it! I took a lot of pics so I made a few collages as well.

 Ready to visit?

At the entrance we were greeted by JPG himself, among is most famous line of clothing, the Breton stripe

There was a small technical glitch so these model don't have faces in this pic, but the dresses were amazing!

The dress in the picture on the left is on the model on the right

I completely loved the punk section, the Union Jack wig was amazing! As were all the clothes of course :) I got so many ideas here...

This was a tulle camouflage dress, as worn by Sarah Jessica Parker! It was gorgeous :)

They also had Madonna's corset of course

And this outfit that everyone I know just loves. It can see why!

In the 'organic' section, I saw this ribbon dress. My jaw just dropped, isn't it amazing? I was thinking about the ribbons in my stash but I don't think I'd ever manage this tbh...

A friend of mine had planned a nature shoot so I took this mostly for her but it does look very impressive.

Some movie costumes were also on display. Sadly not Leeloo but the animal print was there!

Another selection of my favourites at a different part of the exhibit. The knitting dress is just stunning, and I was amazed that he actually made a track suit look classy! The dress is the front is completely covered in beads and took over 1000 hours to make.

The Spitting Image puppet!

This is only a small selection of what was there but I came out inspired :) It was a great exhibition and I am so glad I managed to see it before it ended. Hopefully I'll be able to take some photos of my new creation tomorrow in daylight as well to blog about it. I hope you enjoyed your visit!


  1. I also managed to see this exhibition before it finished. It was excellent!!

  2. Nice pictures,looks like you all enjoyed, thanks


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