Fabric Basket and Scissor Sock Present

Hi everyone!
It's been a tough week, it's been so busy that I actually missed a few emails that were sent to me a while back LOL. Ooops... Some of you nay remember, although it's been a REALLY long time, that a lovely lady in blogland sent me the coolest table set ever in 2011 as a gift. Just like that! I still use it every day and absolutely love it. And yes, you read correctly, 2011. Until a couple of weeks back, I had not sent her something back. One thing you have to know, is that this lady makes the most beautiful quilts so I wanted to make something that she could use but that would be up to her standards as well. Easier said than done... for years I was wondering what I could make for her. Just making an apron just wouldn't cut it. But as I wrote the last few posts here, an idea started to dawn on me... 

When I made all the scissor socks for myself, I also made a reversible fabric basket. I always had a pile of threads and cutoffs and never had a cute bin. Actually I did have an adorable little purple plastic bin but during one of my many clear outs I decided I didn't need it anymore and gave it to charity. So here I was, bin-less, and since I still had fabric leftover from the scissor socks, I made a basket to match.

Clearly this was a very craft day, you can see the three scissor socks, the basket, and the new ironing board cover. Even the new iron as I managed to break the old one that day. The only annoying thing that I have done yet again: the Halloween fabric looks great, but I made the cover the wrong way around! I stand on the other side of the board so I see it upside down all the time. Oh well, for the next one I will chose a print that can be seen from any angle.

This is the Halloween fabric for the ironing board cover. I bought about 3 yards at the time coz I loved it so much and now, not having finished the neverending quilt, I still have fabric leftover. So why not use it for this? But I degress, back to the original tale of making the gift!

Just case you forgot ;)

This is the fabric basket I made for Nancy, it has cotton fabric with printed sewing tools on the outside, and yellow fabric with lilies on the inside. It is of course reversible as well. On the side you see a scissor sock in the same fabric. I added a wavey line to the basket as well but it's not very obvious. I just wanted to give it a little extra.

The scissor sock was great fun to make. When I bought the sewing print fabric I was completely in love with it, but I could never find anything to match. I just love the cheerful result with the yellow lilies :) For the button I used a light blue polka dot star, and the ribbon is a dusty pink with white print saying 'Keep Calm and Sew On'. It was just too perfect! I used dusty pink cord and blue wooden beads at the bottom. The pics are not great as I was about to mail it out and realised I hadn't taken any yet.

The teacup was yellow as well, with yellow flowers on the front. This would be tricky to wrap but it arrived in one piece. :) The teaspoon as pearl hearts as a highlight.

All in all I think it was a lovely gift for a quilter, and when I saw the email (even if I did see it a few weeks later) I realised she loved it too. I'm so glad to have been able to sent something back at last!

In the end it took a while but finally I was able to make something for Nancy to thank her for that amazing table set all those years ago. *happy sigh*

And now that I know I have some fabrics that match this sewing print, I can make something else out of the leftovers. Ooooh project! Watch this space ;)


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