Towel Fabric Toiletry Bag, or is it?

Good afternoon!
Let's just start off by saying that not every project will be a hit. When I made the onesies for the giveaway and the two zippered bags, I also made a toiletry bag out of some towel fabric I had leftover from the towel dress. The crafting that day went great and I got so much done:

Lots of great projects finished.

This is the toiletry bag. It has several flaws with it... First, it is way too small, somehow the measurements didn't work out very well.. 

I used a cheap shower curtain to line it as obviously towel fabric is not waterproof. Which seemed like a great idea at the time but once finished, the shower curtain got stuck in the zipper and in less than half a second I'd torn a hole in the lining...

It still looks cute though, so I think I might use it as a second baggie to put my swimsuit in when I come out of the pool or something.

It just goes to show, sometimes not everything goes according to plan. But as I've learned from Jo Brand at the Extra Slice, even a messup can be hilarious sometimes ;) Keep smiling!


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