Tourist Tuesday - Exploring New Things in London

Hello again!
Sometimes, not leaving wherever it is that you live, can be touristy also. In the May Bank Holiday, we had some friends over to visit so we had to do the tourist thing. I've already told you about the Viking Exhibition but of course that's not all we did :)

We visited the Wallace Collection. A free museum with tons of historical artefacts.This was the 'armour room' (am sure it had a proper name)

 There was lots of art as well, statues and paintings...

 Including this one of William of Orange. I don't think I've ever seen his picture so this was great for me :) It was covered with a black cloth to keep it from too much light and took a couple of attempts to get a non-blurry picture. On the whole it was interesting, there were a lot of paintings that I had never seen IRL, only online. But the atmosphere was a bit stuffy, as if they don't really want you to visit? It's free, though, so if you want to see historical things, this would be a good one to go to.

 From the museum we went through Hyde Park towards the museums. It's funny the things you notice when in tourist mode!

The aim was to find the Peter Pan statue and after a loooong walk, we actually found it!

Quick group pic, we were really lucky with the weather :)

 We slowly made our way towards Kensington and of course passed one of my favourite statues.

 Time for a small break, with ice cream!! Ice cream not pictured ;)

 After our lovely ice cream, it was time for the V&A. The V&A is my fav museum here and its entrance never stops to amaze me :)

 We also visited the British Musem, but not until the next day. We mostly stayed in the statue area after having visited the Vikings (yes, this is how much I am behind in blogging LOL)

The British Museum is so big that I always find things I haven't visited yet.

So it is very possible to be a tourist in London and see new things, even after all this time. Because really, how many times can you visit the traditional things like Madame Tussauds and the London Eye? ;)


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