Chinese Cross Stitch Finished

Hi everyone!
After Berlin we went to see my sister. I don't see her very often as we all live so far apart, but she was having her 40th birthday party so that was of course something not to be missed. It was Hello Kitty themed so great fun (even though I have to admit I can't stand Hello Kitty and I couldn't find a fun tshirt for the life of me, but it was great fun nonetheless). My sister loves all things Japanese and when I saw this cross stitch, I just had to make it for her. Yes, I know it's Chinese but it just looked amazing, and she liked it anyway :) I took a break from the Haunted House cross stitch and focused on this one for a while. And still I didn't manage to finish it in time!

Here I am, on the train from Prague to Berlin, finishing up the cross stitch...

...but I finished it before we reached Berlin! Now I just had to find a frame as finding one on London turned out to be way difficult for some reason.

During our time in Berlin, the weather turned from warm to boiling. The first thing we did when we arrived at our final destination was jump in the pool! Bliss!!

Followed by some great Dutch frikandellen, even more bliss :)

The next day, we had the party. There were Hello Kitty decorations, Hello Kitty cupcakes, Hello Kitty party hat, you name it... Oh yes, and very important: sate salad!

We even managed to get the dog to wear a party hat, though unfortunately not a Hello Kitty one. But I do love this picture, it's so funny!

I finally got to give my sister her present! And she loved it *very pleased*

Here is a closeup picture. It came out quite well in the end, even if I did manage to lose some of the thread LOL. The frame we ended up buying in Berlin, very neutral to make the cross stitch stand out more.

Once the party was finished and we'd all had gotten some sleep, it was time to head back home. It was a great trip with lots of friends and visits. I think I need another holiday to relax ;) And I got one more project done!


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