Tourist Tuesday - Berlin

Hello again!
Following last week's post, we took the train to Berlin from Prague. Our train was delayed which was quite lucky as that way we arrived about 2 hours after the German football team finished their welcome home event. There were about half a million people there, I'm so glad we didn't have to lug our stuff through that!

We stayed at the Westin Grand, it was the hotel from the Bourne movies! Great location, fun for a one-off.

We'd been here before so we just past all the sights and took lots of funny pics

More Bourne locations, remember this one?

Yes yes it's obvious, we're in Berlin!

We spotted this guy printing his own tshirts using one of these street thingies. Ingenious!

We also saw some remaining parts of the Wall

...and had dinner with some old friends at various places. And lots of schnitzel :)

We even had Kaiserschmarrn! Sooo good!

The last stop on our trip was more of a family holiday so nothing was visited, but it was an amazing trip with fun times and great food :)


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