Tourist Tuesday - Prague

Hi again everyone!
The last posts were not really sightseeing trips so I just blogged about them normally, but it's back to sightseeing! Maybe I should have named it Sightseeing Saturday or so, that would have made much more sense LOL. But back to the touristy bit :)

This summer we went on a 3-city trip, the first of which was Prague! Again I took way too many pictures so I had to seriously downsize but it was such an amazing trip :)

We had amazing weather, much to my liking as I was recovering from a severe cold and was still on anti-biotics. No alcohol for me unfortunately...

Just after we'd arrived in the city, I spotted the Tim Burton exhibition! Of course we had to go in... only here for like 10 mins and already something great. This is going to be a great trip! (I actually knew there would be an exhibition but I didn't know where exactly so imagine my surprise when we walked right into it!)

The absolute-must-have tourist picture with the medieval clock

We did a LOT of walking. I'll spare you the pics of me trying to hike up various hills, but the views were amazing :)

We went to one of the parks which had an 'Eiffel Tower'. The views on there were even better! Check this out, and with this sky we could see so far too :)

They have so many churches and cathedrals, it was so amazing! This was taken in the castle cathedral. We hurried inside as it started to pour down with rain...

....which didn't stop for the while, but it made for some really good photos :)

We walked across this bridge so many times, it kind of became out homing beacon. When we ended up on this river bank, of course we took some 'boring' photos, but being silly is much more fun!

After days of walking, I wasn't feeling too great (still had the cold after all) and we found this lovely terrace. It was probably the most expensive cup of tea ever, but it was also the best. Nothing beats a good cuppa.

Part of the breakfast in the hotel. Really, what's not to like? They had everything you could possibly want for breakfast.
Now don't get spooked, but on our last day in Prague we visited the Bone Church in Kutna Hora. A bit less than hour outside of Prague (in an un-airconditioned train), but so worth it!

It's a busy place so getting a piccie without a lot of people in it is tricky but I really like this one :)

We visited some more churches in Kutna Hora as well, this was another one of them.

It was the only city where we had to visit tons of things so the holiday was off to a good start :) From Prague we took the train to Berlin, but more about that next week!


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