Ally Pally Knitting & Stitching Show 2014

Heyhey everyone!
It's been a super busy weekend! I haven't actually created anything as such, but I did do a lot of things. It all started off on Thursday when I had the day off and went to the Knitting & Stitching Show in Alexandra Palace. I managed to only spend a tiny bit but got some really nice things. I didn't take a piccie of my purchases, but it was the bag's first outing and of course I got some pics of that :)

I went with a friend, and we bought an afternoon ticket. Cheaper so we'd have more to spend on stuff, and with less time there would be less time to go back and buy something just for the sake of it. It actually worked!

In the entrance hall was the annual knitting picnic. This year there was a flower gazebo, it looked amazing!

Once inside we spent some time looking at all the artists' work. I came across this felted dress, it look fantastic, just check out that collar!

This was another creation. Maybe I should really knit more ;)

I wore my nerdy cross stitch Star Trek tshirt for the ocassion. Do you get it?

And I brought the new bag! It was fantastic, so handy that I didnt have to carry any plastic bags, and strong enough that I didnt have to worry about breakages. I love it!! And am definitely keeping the bow ;)

We actually didn't spend the full 4 hours at the show, but we were close. Once we were back, it was time for tea and homemade red velvet cupcakes, yumm!!

The show was a great success. I got the things I needed to make an iron caddy (which I totally wanted to do today but didn't actually got around to it), I got some really nice Halloween fabrics (I was good, only got 2 pieces!), some super cool nerdy cotton to make a skirt, and really cool jersey fabric which I will hopefully turn into a dress at some point. Plus my friend needed to get rid of some stuff so I got some amazing 70s fabrics as well. It was a lovely day with great results :) Now all I have to do it make stuff with the fabrics I bought! Although one of the Halloween bits is looking to become a wall-hanging for the time being it is that great, but let's see what happens.... Watch this space!


  1. Love this show, went last year and did a paper bead workshop as well. Great fun.


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