Cross Stitch WIP - Yet Another Update

Hi everyone!
It's been about a week without postings, I've even missed the Tourist Tuesdays! Hopefully soon I will be able to spend lots of time on my lovely blog, but for now I wanted to show you what I've been doing. Do you remember the Haunted House Cross Stitch? I've been working on this on and off and mostly at sewing group. However, as my wonderful friend has moved to Australia for a year and she kindly hinted that it really should be done by the time she gets back, means I only have another 7 months or so. Time to get cracking! So I now bring it to work and work on it during lunch time as well and sometimes a tiny bit in the evening before leaving for whatever sports class I have that day. Progress-to-date: 

It's getting there! 

There is still a whole bit to the bottom left I have to do, but I'm on the last page of the pattern (yay!) and once all the cross stitching is done, there will be the back stitching. But I'm really seeing progress now. :) 

I'll keep you posted on this continues!


  1. Wonderful! The last page, now that's going places!
    I am so glad you are making progress, it can get really tough and you tend to lose the will to live when it all takes too long.
    I can recommend the taking a cross stitch to work on working on it at lunch, that's what I did on my big Woodpecker embroidery. Hopefully you'll make so much progress that it'll be done months ahead of schedule!
    Good luck!


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