Tourist Tuesday - Greenwich & Borough Market

Hi again everyone!
As I was hunting book benches with the big camera, I also took some pics of the scenery of course. The weather was just amazing and the big camera is so much fun sometimes! Plus I normally don't go to Greenwich much or Borough Market with a camera so I had to make the most of it :)

Upon arrival in Greenwich, I finally saw Cutty Sark! The last time I was here it under restoration but now I finally saw it!

Wandering through the park, past the National Maritime Museum

View of what used to be the Palace

I'd never been to this side of the park before, there was so much wildlife...

...and gorgeous flowers

This is where Thor does battle :)

Had to take some artsy pics ;)

Having arrived on the DLR, I took the train back to London Waterloo

Walking along the river, all the way to HMS Belfast, such a London pic with Tower Bridge in the background!

Got some things in the German shop, and walked through Borough Market where they sell all kinds of nice things

Love this pic! It's purple hihi...

Passing the umbrella ceiling as well, I just love this idea and finally had a chance to get a decent pic of it.

I had great fun being a tourist in London, I have to do it more often! Maybe after October when Halloween season  is over... and speaking of which, I got some great Halloween posts coming up!


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