Halloweening - Halloween Zumba Class

Hi everyone!
It's a busy week, and of course am getting a cold... earlier this week I had a Halloween Zumba class with Dreamdancing Zumba. Well, I haven't been in months and tend to turn up for the special events only, but it's always great fun :) This year lots of people were there and they made a great effort so we had all sorts of costumes! I didn't bring my phone to class but left it in the locker room, so I only have some photos taken in said locker room. But at least they show the outfit. It's all about the costume ;)

Taadaa! I actually wore face paint to a Zumba class believe it or not! Luckily it's really good makeup and it didn't run :) 

I love my outfit! I originally wanted some skeleton tights but I couldn't find those. I still had these purple and black stripey ones which worked quite well with this excelletn purple skeleton jersey dress. I also had black leg warmers and purple shoes but they don't show here. (I clearly love my new app fr editing pics hihi)

Ready for some scary Zumba?! 

There was a professional photographer taking pictures and she kindly allowed me to show some on my blog. This spider kept falling off the wall so I wore it on my head in the end. Not a bad look if I say so myself, I just couldnt help smiling all the time LOL

The Halloween Zumba class with its great costumes. It's amazing how many dance-friendly options there are for Halloween! I was so amazed by the effort everyone made! It was great fun :)

Their next event is a Christmas party, I think I have an idea of what I will wear for that...


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