Halloweening - Samara (The Ring) Costume

Hi all!
It's the best season of the year!! I've been preparing already and even had a few parties so lots of stuff to post about :) First up: this year's costume! 

I wanted something with some real Halloween oopmh that would still be comfortable yet would make an impression. Not much to ask for at all, right? ;)

A few years back, I was working with a girl with gorgeously long black hair. So naturally when she asked me for costume ideas, Samara from The Ring came to mind immediately. Sadly that meant that that idea was out the window for myself. But no longer! I made my very own Samara dress this year, and it looks amazing! I looked everywhere for a nighty that I could alter, but found nothing for a decent price. Luckily, I still had some fabric left which was warm enough for October and cheap enough to be completely 'Ringed' up. 

I didn't take any pictures of the actual construction, but getting the dress the way I wanted it was clearly a little bit messy ;) I made a simple white dress with an elasticated waist, and added water-based face paint to it (I was out of acrylic) to get the washed out look. I then sprayed it with leather spray to make the paint stick. 

The finished dress. 
At this point it was close to midnight, I just love having a complete day (and night!) to craft!

This was my reference...

I think it looks rather scary!

I'm really pleased with how it came out, am all set for the party now!


  1. OOOhh that looks scary MJ! Awesome work! Have fun at your party.


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