Tourist Tuesday - Books About Town (Riverside)

Hello again!
Of course there was not only 1 trail with books. There were in fact 4 trails with books, but I only managed to do 2 of them. The main reason that the other two trails were really in the city and already I was having to ask people to get up off the bench all the time to take a picture, and some people were nicer about it then others. Having to ask that in the city and explaining the art thing to possible tourists was just too much. At least no one could sit on the eggs! ;)

The second trail I chose was the one on the riverside. This was super handy as the train from Greenwich brought me right there and I had to go past here anyway on my way to my next event. Perfect!

The books on this trail were: War Horse, Shakespeare, Dr. Seuss, Through the Looking Glass, The World's Biggest Flip Book, Discworld, Paddington Bear, Axel Scheffler and Julia Donaldson books, Great Expectations, Clarice Bean, How to Train Your Dragon.
The back of Discworld had the Discworld!

Kid sitting on the Dr Seuss bench, which I thought was quite funny.
Paddington Bear was even visible from the back

Shakespeare's bench was just outside the Globe of course, and showed lots of London.

I had great fun doing this, and had I managed to get up earlier on a Sunday morning, I probably would have done the remaining two trails as well. I didn't even get to see the Bridget Jones bench! There was another event where all the benches were put together before going to auction but I missed that also. The benches were just not meant to be found by me, I least not all of them. I wonder what they will come up next though!


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