Tourist Tuesday - Books About Town (Greenwich)

Hello again :)
It's time for a Tourist Tuesday! A few months back, when the weather was still nice, there was another one of these things in London where they place objects around town and you find them. Like the egg hunt at the time. Only this time, they chose books!

About 50 books were chosen and as usual there was a map that you could follow to find them all. I had a great time doing this! Below is the result of the Books About Town in Greenwich:

The books were: The Time Machine, The Railway Children, Elmer the Elephant, The Canterbury Tales, The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Captain Scott's Autobiography, Samuel Pepys' Diary,, Dr. Samuel Johnson's Dictionary, The Jungle Book, On The Origins of Species, and We're Going on a Bear Hunt.

This one took me a while as it was on top of the Observatory, and when I got there people were sitting on it not knowing it was part of the trail, with a queue of people waiting for them to get up. It did make for this cool photo opp like someone is actually sitting in the Time Machine ;)

The back of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy book was amazing as well, I loved the 42 number there, LOL

This was one course out of 4, and I had a lovely stroll through Greenwich as well. I don't visit much there because it's quite a trek to get there. The weather was great though and I saw some wonderfully touristy things. But more on that next week for more Tourist Tuesday!


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