World Zombie Day 2014 - London

Hi everyone!
Am about a week late in posting about this, better late than never! Last weekend it was World Zombie Day, which meant lots of zombie walks around the world. In London, we had our annual walk in aid of St Mungo's hospital. It was great fun as always!

A wonderful photographer called Dave Pearce took this shot of me enjoying a 'hearty' snack (I had props this year!). I just love it!!

I met some friends as well, their outfits were great as usual :) 

We met at a different location this year but it made for some really good shots. I was super late so I only arrived at the health & safety briefing. There were quite a few zombies and the effort they put into their costumes was amazing.

I did get a few shots taken though, happily snacking away... 

A theater group even brought zombified animals!

Strangely scary clown zombie...

Office zombie (feel like this most Monday mornings LOL)

This dude was way creepy...Reminded me of the Saw movies

This guy's makeup was incredible! He was sort of a Pied Piper with lollipops and an mp3 ;)

Minion zombie!

Shaggy (minus Scoobie) zombie, he even got the shrug right ;)

Zombie bridal party

WW2 zombie, loved his sign!

The weather was a little precarious early in the morning but it cleared up wonderfully and made for the perfect zombie walk. It was much less of a pub crawl than other years which was great, and we all had a great time. Here to next year!

I eat to that...


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