Winners of the Halloween Onesie Giveaway

Hi everyone!
A few days delayed, but I can finally announce the winner of the Halloween Onesie Giveaway :) 

I used to have the comments numbered, but with all the different choices selecting the winner with a bit more style was needed ;) So I added everyone's names in the bowl of their choice...

...and randomly chose a number out of the bowl.

 So without further ado, the winners are:

Onesie #1: the winner is: 


Onesie #2: the winner is:


Onesie #3: (this was a popular one!), the winner is:

Shannon F!

Onesie #4: the winner is:


I will be contacting the winner separately as well to get postal addresses etc. Thank you everyone for entering, this giveaway was great fun to host :) I hope you all got the right choices, I don't think I've mixed up anything...

There will be another one for Christmas so please come back then!


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