Finally framed

Rest at last... the Holland trip is done, and I'm back all safe and sound in good old London. I actually enjoyed it today I must say. Maybe being cooped up fr 4 months working on the Mombi dress made me appreciate going out again LOL.

So I left for Amsterdam on Friday, the flight went ok, the luggage arrived (read: the precious dress arrived) so all was well. I dragged my friends out shopping as the usual Dutch purchases had to be made such as tea and satesaus and the likes and I dont know when I'll be over next. Denise, my very good friend, took me to Action which is this fantabulous discount store and I found these super handy photo frames fr only EUR 1.39 each! So now, after nearly two years, I can finally frame the caricature the bf and I had made while in San Francisco. So check it out!!!

I'll post the blog about the Elf Fantasy Fair soon also and of course a final Mombi post so you can all see the result of the dress :)


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