Mombi continued 5

Easter holidays at last! I cant even begin to tell you how much I have been looking forward to this! The whole week it felt like my energy was at home with my dress but my body was actually at work. My mind was somewhere in between, resulting in me being extremely tired the whole week.

So I went to bed early yday and got up early. The good news: THE DRESS IS DONE!! Ok granted, I still need to add sleeves, but if I run out of time I'm thinking panty hose *cheeky smile* So this is it, the finished dress (ignore the tube of glue on the floor btw, I was having a crisis with one of the ribbons)

I also managed to sew the fleece top for underneath (after all, taffeta is super cold and with this weather? Brrr...) and even managed to finish the golden gauntlets. Remember those? I think they quite matched the picture.

Ok, just as I uploaded the reference picture, I saw that there are actually gemstones on these, so I will glue those on tomorrow or so. But even without them, I'm quite pleased with them.

Tomorrow: the cloak!


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