Mombi continued 7

Yes, I finally managed to get off the sofa and do a bit of work... I really actually need a holiday but until the dress is done, I will not have one. But I've made progress. Even though it is a day late as my set deadline for this was actually last night, I have now successfully finished the lining of the cloak. Most of this wont actually be seen but you never know... The back of the dress has no decoration whatsoever actually but the entire inside of the cloak does... Yes, that doesnt really make sense LOL.

Do you remember the blue lining cloak I made a few weeks ago (although it seems like months really)?

Today I finally added the silver circles out of .... great, the name has just completed gone from my mind, sorry. The pictures in the book and move show it much more sparkly but I think sequins would get stuck the the ribbons of the dress more than anything else so shiny silver it is.

As the original lining is much darker than this blue I have chosen, I've added some 'lowlights' with black ribbon.

I then added the gold circles and lines to match the picture. I could only see one side of the lining in the picture so I improvised on the rest. The first picture is a bit blurry, sorry. The gold has all been painted as I am worried that the ribbons will create friction otherwise. Plus this way it was so much faster ;)

So that's it, today's work... I now need some R&R... Later or tomorrow I will start the red cloak...


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