Mombi continued 10

It has been an extremely productive sewing weekend! Sadly, I didnt make my set deadline of having the cloak entirely finished by Saturday night nor did I finish it tonight, but I did make some excellent progress! The bf was sweet enough to vacate the apartment for the weekend, giving me plenty of space and time to sew to my heart's content. :)

I started on Friday nights (after a much needed nap after work) by pinning all the patches onto the cloak where I thought they would match the picture and movie references.

Then I sewed each of the on by hand... sooo much work! And much more than expected I can tell you!

By Saturday afternoon, I had finished one of the sides:

By Sunday evening, I was nearly finished. I added some rhinestones to the gauntlet (only one as per the movie reference although I'm still deciding whether or not to use the second one anyway)

And I also finished adding everything to the cloak itself, by everything I mean the patches and rhinestones.

Some close-ups:

I also added the black and gold lace to the back. On top of this will be the collar once I finished it.

And this is the front with the dress. The only thing that is still missing from this are the shoulder bits and the golden edges on the front cut-outs.

Hopefully I will be able to finish this sometime this week after work... Fingers crossed!


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