Mombi continued 15

I'm done, I'm done, the Mombi dress is finished!!

(this is an update from yday's posting as it was nearly 1am (AGAIN) and I really wanted to go to bed...)
So, on Tuesday night, I started the collar. It wasnt as easy as I thought it would be and took a lot more time, but by the end of the night (read: 1am Wed morning) I had this:

Not bad really but still not really the way it was supposed to look. Enter Wednesday night, and after sewing on what seemed like 300 press studs, I finally managed to get everything the way I want it to. I might cut off a bit on the one side where the spikes are longer but for now am not doing anything anymore...

So this is it!! Had to take my own pics so I look a little grumpy, but if my luggage arrives with me, I hope lots of others take my picture also!! :)

I did it! I have actually re-created the Mombi dress! When I started I had no idea that it would take this long and be this much work, or that I could even do it... Phew :) Very relieved and happy me!


  1. that is amazing looking!

  2. Aw thanx :) Check out the next post for the final result :)


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