Thrift shopping

I am sad to say I didnt finish the cloak lining today. I didnt even start it!!! Very bad of me, yes I know... My excuse is shopping (the usual? LOL). I had to go out and get a few things today, which actually resulted in some hilarious moments. London can be a hoot really. For example, as I was walking down the sidewalk, minding my own business, a woman walking behind me on the left started crossing the street. I was walking about three meters in front of her and as the light was green a little further down the road, I also started crossing the street. Suddenly, this woman stops in the middle of the road, looks at me yelling 'Go away!!' and runs the other way! LOL it was so bizarre... Many more things were seen but it would be rude of me to blog about it ;) Let's just say that jeans should cover your entire butt and not just the bottom 5 cm...

But anyway, it was a good day for shopping. I was very thrifty and just had a look around in search of specific things I was looking for. I found these three cute little pots that I had been looking for for 6 months (£6.99 for the set which I think was acceptable). They're really tiny but for what I need them for, they are perfect :)

I then looked for some foam as I want to try to recreate the spikes for the Mombi dress with corset boning and foam. The guy from the stall didnt have any thin foam left, but he did give me some leftovers for free that I could use. That was so nice of him :)

The thrift shop was next. I just love the Cancer Research charity shops as they always have the best stuff. My Corpse Bride Dress (well, the wedding dress I changed into the CB dress) and shoes both came from here, as did several other bargains. I donated some old stuff, and found this treasure. A Star Wars Trivial Pursuit DVD game, still in its cylofane wrapping for only £5!! Check it out, it is sooo cool! The bf and I will be playing this soon, and I already know he will kick my butt... Let's hope it wont be too bad! LOL. But isnt the game the coolest??

The last of my frugal purchases was a mesh top which of course I forgot to photograph before pimping it for the Mombi dress. Yes, my dress now has sleeves but more on that later. The organza I bought turned out to be too dark so I was looking for something better. It was £4.50 which was a little more than I had in mind but on the other hand, I was also running out of time and this was really quite perfect. Cancer Research shop again, whoohoo!

As for the rest, I also cancelled my reservation at WH Smith for my monthly Burda magazine, meaning I got my £20 back, and I got some nice tops for my sister as well which were 66% off :) Not at WH Smith of course.

All in all, it has been a good and frugal day. :)


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