Mombi continued 8

OMG, 4 days of non-stop sewing and I'm still not done with the cloak! According to my time plan I'm right on schedule but I'm slowly starting to panic...

OK breathe in... breathe out...

Yesterday I stayed up until 2am roughly and cut and pinned the patches onto the cloak, but then of course I slept until about 10h30 and then I tried to make a tube card holder for the bf which totally didnt work because the fabric I chose (a black very manly heavy cotton) was just way too thick. So after about 45 mins, I put it aside and started sewing on the patches. Result:

I then spent a good two hours sewing sequins on these patches. Wow that sounds very long... I actually also had to go out as I had run out of thread and luckily the fabric store was open on a bank holiday :) Of course on the way I spotted some bizarre yet normal things on the street such as a father shouting at his kid to get a job (for about 20 mins straight) and a guy stroking his girlfriend's cheek for about 10 mins in the middle of the supermarket. I'm sure some of you may find this cute, but it was a little weird considering the location and and the amount of time he spent doing it. Anyway, back to the sequins:

They're a little hard to see right now, but I hope that in the sun they will come out properly.

I also pinned on the patches and discovered I made way too many large ones and not enough tiny ones. Woops! So I pinned on as much as I could, only to find out that the rim-ribbons go under the patches. So I took them all of again, added all the gold rims, and pinned them back on again.

Wow I cant wait until this thing is done as I am slowly starting to get annoyed with it. It's taking forever and I only have one more weekend to finish it.

Watching House at the moment and it's all about someone blogging. LOL. Maybe I should log off then ;) Gnite y'all!


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