Warhammer Cake

Yesterday it was the bf's birthday :) For months we had been wondering where to go and what to do, as he took me to NYC for mine and I wanted him to have a nice birthday as well. Of course me being still thoroughly engrossed in re-creating the Mombi dress didnt help the planning much. So in the end we ended up staying home which turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we couldnt have left anyway with that stupid volcanic ash cloud over Europe. Plus it gave me an extra weekend to work on the dress ;)

Last year's cake was a bit of a nightmare to be honest as even though it looked amazing, it tasted awful because I had to start 3 days early due to work and preparation time. So this year... I cheated. I made a cake with Betty Crocker ;) At least that way it was quick and simple and the deco could be made all in time to be done on time and also still taste nice ;) As the bf is loving painting Warhammer miniatures, I wanted to make a Warhammer cake. So I started with a brownie base to have a big flat surface to create the Warhammer scenery on. So basically yes it was a brownie cake with just the base not cut up beforehand, but as we went along.

I then added whippped cream and chocolate sprinkles and then made Warhammer figurines out of rolled icing. It was my first time, but all in all it's not too bad:

So the red/yellow are the Eldar, the green is a tree (yes really) and the blue is Ultramarine carnage. All in all I am quite pleased with it and I think the bf was as well :)


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