Mombi continued 12

I finished the shoes!!! I was supposed to make the spikes today but somehow the plan did not cooperate with me... so I focused on the shoes instead. Nearly two days of solid glueing but now they're done. I can see a minimal error in the bow on one of the shoes that should be tilted 2 mm more to the side, but it's all glued solid now so I will live with it. In my defense, I have been doing this all day and I'm getting a little sleepy. Of course that could have something to do with the fact that have been GLUEING all day (sniff LOL). So what do you think?

The before picture can be seen here. Now they look like this:

For anyone wondering why Mombi has ruby slippers, in my version (and hopefully my act if I havent missed the deadline yet), Mombi has defeated Dorothy, stolen the ruby slippers and is now Queen of Oz. Plus I've wanted ruby slippers all my life ;)

The pics are a little yellow as I couldnt use a flash because the shoes would come out way too dark. I'm very pleased with them! Now just hoping that I can walk on them for the duration of the entire Fair ;)


  1. How many sequins is that? Literally looks like 500!

  2. I didnt count them as I put them on, but is was A LOT! LOL

  3. Wow these look so awsome! How professional looking!!!!


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