Mombi continued 11

It was the bf's bday yday (more about that in the next blog) and so I took the day off. We were so lucky not to have booked a holiday or so with this ash cloud covering the whole of Europe... I'm even thinking of making backup plans for my trip so that at least I will be able to go!

I didnt do a lot for the Mombi dress, but still two things that have been annoying me for a while: fixing the black lace on the cloak as it wasnt in the middle, and making the shoulder pads. So stupid of me as a while ago my mother had sent me some and I threw them away!! So now I had to make my own... They dont look as good as the ones my mother sent but they will have to do.

I also made the necklace.

Now only have to finish the shoes. I started yesterday, I finally starting pimping my lovdly £4.20 shoes (ebay!) but you might not see them under the dress. But then I always wanted ruby slippers ;)


In progress:

I also have the make the handbag and of course the collar. I'm just waiting for the sun to come out for that one.

Fingers crossed the skies will clear soon!


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