Birthday in New York - part 2

The crafty part of the trip involved many trips to sewing, ribbon and trim places like M&J Trimming (often featured on the Martha Stewart website or in her magazines), Joyce Buttons and Trims (great for rhinestones which I need for the Mombi dress), and.... MOOD! I had to wait until Monday morning to go there as planning wouldnt allow me to go there any other day and they are closed on Sundays.

So many ribbons and items to make hair accessories in M&J Trimming.... :)

Check it out, I went to Mood!!! It was on the 3rd floor so I couldnt get a photo OUTSIDE the store... BUT:

I also bought a bag there (the one they have on Project Runway) but I dont have a photo of it yet. I even left the store saying 'Thank you, Mood' LOL. I just couldnt resist ;)

Then I walked back to the hotel via Fashion Avenue:

In the end it turned out quite crafty after all :)

So now that I have finished blogging everything, it is late and I havent worked on the Mombi dress at all tonight. Only three more patches to sew on and then the ribbons, the extra sequined pieces, and make the inside bit and then at least the dress is done... better get some sleep now then :)


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