Mombi continued

I made it! I finished my planned work ahead of the deadline. Well, the deadline was a little vague as it was 'Sunday evening'. It is now nearly 10pm and I have just finished tidying the remains of the fabric explosion in my apartment. The dress is looking good. At the moment it is still very simple and some people would probably not see the difference between this and any store bought dress. Well, the difference being, I made it! LOL. It is also not 100% perfect but it's a costume and all areas with tiny (really really tiny) mistakes that no one sees anyway really will be covered by either the cloak or the patches so in the end it will all work out. But I finished the basics and now I can spend the rest of the next 4 weeks to handsew all the patches on it.

The dress is completely double stitched, for lack of an overlocker (really, one day when I have £400 spare I will buy one. Also when I am finally sure enough that I can just sew and cut at the same time and not think 'oops I needed that piece') and I have even hemmed it already! I hate hemming but this dress was quite well cut and the hemming was quite easy :) The collar hasnt been done yet, but thats because I decided to make a little fleece top for the inside as this taffeta is totally thin and I will be freezing outside in the cold otherwise.

So, this is the dress, what do you think?

So I didnt get to paint anything, but I checked for ribbons and am so far out of luck. I was thinking I could do start with the patches first and do the ribbons later. I still have some pink for the big patch in the front which I will sew on soon I think. All in all, not bad progress for a weekend :)


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