Mombi continued 3

Another weekend has gone by and more progress has been made with the Mombi dress. My intended deadline for the dress itself was Saturday evening. I had planned to have everything on the dress, the fleece inside bit made as well as the sleeves, and to have started to cloak by Sunday morning. Oops... that sure didnt work out. But a lot of progress has been made anyway and the end is nigh. Of the dress at least. The cloak has yet to be started. I've taken progress pictures starting from where I left off last week. So check it out:

The patches I made while on the plane to Germany and New York:

Wednesday evening status:

Friday evening status:

Saturday evening status:

Sunday evening status:

And a view of the full dress so far:

Now I know it's not perfect yet, but it's getting there. I'm just glad I have so many references (book, movie, trading cards collection) as some of this stuff is really tricky. But next weekend I have 4 days so I'm hoping to finish the dress this week (evenings will be fully taken) and then start the cloak by Thursday night/Friday morning and have it finished by Monday night. The cloak doesnt have sequins, whoohoo! Oh yes, a small detail: the golden sequins are PAINTED. I couldnt find the gold ones in the right shade and still had some left here, so I painted them before sewing them on... yes, I am crazy LOL... Sleepy now though...


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