Shopping in Germany

It's been a while but I have been super busy and also on the go a lot. A few days before the New York trip, I had to go on a business trip to Stuttgart to our office there. So three days of no sewing, lots of travelling without a chance to prepare for NY, but also the chance to buy some Easter goodies in Germany which is always a treat :) Met my colleagues again which was also nice (the girls are big Twilight fans I noted, I took a photo but not sure if they agree re the publishing), and had great German food.

Why am I blogging this? Because I just have to share this picture that I made after I did all my food shopping:

A lot of Easter stuff and many many sauces as they were on offer and they dont sell these in the UK outside of the German shop which is way far from my house.

I also spent lots of time on the plane sewing my patches for my dress, much to the amazement of the person next to me :) I didnt take a photo of that though, but have also prepared many patches for the flight to NY so when they're all done, I will post a photo then :)


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