Mombi continued 4

OMG it is nearly April already and the Mombi deadline is fast approaching... So last night I actually continued the dress a bit after work. I worked on of the sides of the dress, having found a phone that shows it quite well and even finding two hidden patches on it! I bought this gold fabric on Saturday for the wrist bits and it was jsut perfect for this large bit also. Now you must realise that everything sewing onto this dress is done by hand, even the large bits as I dont want any mistakes. My biggest worry at the moment is flying cigarettes at the fair as last year someone just flung away his cigarette and burned a hole into my dress. But fingers crossed that wont happen this time...

I wanted to quickly post this picture before heading off to work. Now that one side has been embellished like this, the other side must quickly follow. I will still need to sew sequins onto this side but other than that I think it is pretty much finished. I'm thinking one more patch on the other side and some detailing and then that too will be done. The end of the dress is in sight :) I'm really trying not to think of all the stuff that comes next... LOL. Oh yes, there will be another ribbon along the bottom of the vertical lines which I will add tonight.

Off to work now... really need to be on time for a change ;)


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