Mombi continued 2

I am sooo sleepy!! Spent all weekend sewing the Mombi dress again and have made some good progress, although didnt reach this weekend's deadline unfortunately. That could have to do with the fact that I had to take care of the usual things like groceries, banking, and more fabric shopping before actually starting this weekend's endeavours.

I did notice a few things though. On this website it is said that this is THE Mombi dress. However, after watching the movie several times, and referring to the book and the trading cards that all contain images of Mombi and the dress, I noticed that some of the patches on the dress are not the same. So now I'm wondering, did they have more than one dress? Is the dress on the website one of many or maybe a really good recreation? Either way, I have decided to use this picture as my main reference anyway as it shows the dress from all the right angles.

So now I guess you want to see my progress of this weekend? Well, I figured I should start with the dress as I still have to work out how the cloak was cut in the front exactly as it does not have sleeves really but some sort of opening. So I started with the dress and the large pink bit on it. I then realised I didnt have the pink fabric I had planned to use for it, but didnt want to leave the house again for more shopping. But I found a good replacement bit. The gold pieces were already decided on, but then I also noticed I had forgotten to buy golden sequins! Still not leaving the house, I found some clear ones that I had taken off the leaf dress when it was in its original form, so I painted those. I actually turned out even better I think as it didnt give the cheesy sparkle.

BUT the mishaps arent over yet... I am sewing all the patches on by hand as I'm too worried that I will mess something up with the machine and then spend even more hours repairing it... The pink bit just wouldnt stay on where I wanted it to go and by the time I had finished sewing it on, it was in a completely different place. It took my three times (and a good 7 hours) to finish sewing this on. This includes painting sequins etc though. Yes yes, now the pictures.

The pink bit. I tried to stick to the real design as closely as possible (I think I added one extra sequin). I'm actually rather proud of this already :)

When this was FINALLY on, it was already very late and I didnt want to start anything too challenging so I made some of the patches already. I really wanted to get them puffy like on the real dress and the easiest way for me to do this was to add batting (or wadding) to them. I made six for the dress and one for the cloak already, two more would follow the next day.

This is how they should be placed on the dress:

The next morning, time for the big challenge. The ribbons!! I cheated a bit and didnt actually sew all of these on as that would have taken waaay too long and already I'm doubting I will manage to finish on time... Once again, I tried to stick to the original as much as possible. The original is a little wider than mine though which made it a little tricky. The patches are on just to give an idea of where they should be.

The rest of the day was mainly spent putting the patches properly on the dress with the rims etc. That was no easy task, let me tell you. Not only did I have to paint more sequins, but sew those onto the ribbon first, and then sewing the whole lot onto the dress, gathering the ribbon around the patch and creating the bobbly bit also. By 5pm tonight, I had finished 2 out of 8... and you wonder why I'm a little stressed?

By 6pm, I had finished one more patch with rims.

And by 8pm I had finished all remaining 6 patches as those all had extra detail on the patch itself (only two shown here). I still need to sew those on though.

So thats it... this is my progress of this weekend... I'm quite pleased with the result. I'm planning on making a lot of patches in the coming evenings so that I can just sew those onto the cloak once that's cut properly, and hopefully it wont take too long. Then I still have to make the collar, make the shoes (this will be a 'Mombi beat Dorothy and the Nome King (I checked the spelling for this and it's actually Nome instead of Gnome, how bizarre) and now owns the ruby slippers), and fix the wig. Oh yes and also create a bag... But no stress... breathe in... breathe out...


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