Quiche Lorraine

Ok, you might have guessed it, I still havent started on the Mombi dress... Even with all my good intentions and the fact that it looks so easy and not at all time consuming, I'm sure this is going to bite me in the end with all the hand sewing and the spikes I still have to make. And so I am betting everything on this weekend and am planning to have both the dress and the cloak sewn together at the very least so that I can spend normal weekdays handsewing all the deco on it.

Today I had to work late, yet again you might think, but yes we're always busy around this time of the month and the quarter end is coming near so I really have to put the energy and time in. So by the time I got home, did the dishes of the last four days *shame*, cooked dinner and had actually eaten it, it was past 9pm so by then my sewing motivation had nearly completely vanished. I would love to start something now but sadly I have to get up early tomorrow morning so I just dont have the time.

Anyway, back to happier thoughts: my quiche. Last week I had a lot of eggs, milk, and cheese left so what to make? And so I checked my favourite recipe website, and got recipes for pie pastry and quiche lorraine. It was the first time I tried it, and I ended with up with more pastry then egg mixture as my oven dish was too low for this but it tasted quite nice:

What do you think? I made the tiny ones because I had so much pastry left but didnt manage to eat them in the end. The bf doesnt really like quiche so he didnt want any. This is where I shamefully have to admit that I actually managed to eat all this by myself... LOL

If you agree that this does look rather tasty, the recipes can be found here:

Easy non-roll pie pastry: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Never-Fail-Pie-Crust-II/Detail.aspx
Quiche Lorraine: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Quiche-Lorraine-I-2/Detail.aspx


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