Mombi sewing has started!

Today I finally started on the Mombi dressed. Having barred myself in my apartment, my fabric stash at the ready, I got started. It is now nearly midnight and I have been creating since 8am. When you see the results (pics below), it might not look like much but just remember that I am not a professional seamstress and I ALWAYS make stupid mistakes... This morning I actually realised that I didnt have an exact pattern for the cloak, even though it's a basic pattern that I got from this really cool website a few years ago ( so I had to measure everything first. Then I was smart enough to cut 3 the same pieces instead of 2 and 2 (I needed 4 so this actually makes sense in a minute). Luckily I noticed after cutting the 3rd piece (it would have been better after the 2nd of course LOL) so I could still fix the 3rd piece and cut the 4th without any problems. Yes, for a change I bought pretty exact fabric and not the usual double-in-case-of-mess-up. So technically this would mean I was paying attention and the same mistake would happen again right? WRONG. Next part, cut the cloak lining. I MADE THE SAME MISTAKE! Unfortunately, I only noticed after I cut all four pieces so that didnt help. Fortunately, this fabric was nearly the same on both sides so you cant really tell and it's going to be partially painted as well so in the end I think it will be alright. So finally the cloak basics were sewn together.

Onto the dress... The dress consists of 6 pieces and after having spent much time on the phone providing technical support to my sister while ironing 10 meters of purple taffeta, I got to the cutting. So far so good. I actually paid attention this time (yes, when the fabric actually does look the same on both sides I pay attention) and all went well. I pinned it, tried it on, it fit like a glove, and it was only 10pm. I then decided to make it look all pretty on the inside too since I'm not planning on lining it as it would get too heavy for the petticoat. So instead of just pinning it and sewing it together, I thought I'd fold the edges and re-pin. I tried it on again (such luck) and the whole thing was way too tight! All my previous pinning has gone completely out the window! So I have just re-pinned the dress for the third time but as there are 7 seams and I was only on the third, I've given up for the day and will do the rest tomorrow. Basically my deadline for the basics is tomorrow night, but I would have preferred to have everything sewn up tonight. Oh well, too bad. Not bad progress for a day's work.

You're probably wondering why it has taken my 16 hours to make only this? Well, as well as making a few mistakes which took up a lot of time to fix, ironing the blue and purple fabrics, I also had a LOTR extended edition marathon, watched Return to Oz for inspiration and details of the dress, and am now on my 3rd episode of the Gilmore Girls. Plus my apartment looks like a fabric store blew up in it. I think it might be best to get some sleep now... LOL

So, today's creations are the below. The outer cloak, which will be embellished with many appliques, sparkly and shiny bits:

The lining of the cloak. This should have been a black/blue irridescent fabric but this shade was the darkest I could find. It's going to look amazing anyway though. It will be painted as well.

OK, def off to bed now... zzzzz....


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