Archery in Hyde Park

OMG, on Sunday the weather was soooo hot here in London... The bf went to the archery field to practise and as they were having their annual 'have-a-go' day, I got to try it as well. Check me out:

Wearing my very cool new bandana of course :) It was so warm I really needed something on my head... It was actually a lot of fun and I am seriously considering taking it up. But then, with all the costumes, the meetups, work, etc, etc, will I have the time? Also, bows dont exactly come cheap, if the one I want (kind of a LOTR one covered in red suede, very cool).

So I retreated to the shade after a while... and look: more yoyo hair accessories!

The bf really didnt like them, but I think they looked rather cute actually. And they certainly matched the bandana :) Yes, it was a lovely weekend!


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